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MocapTransfer.py - Save BlurRig and animation to FBX Format (with standard fbx naming) PenetrationStation.py - Fix Mesh Penetrations with intuitive interface (requires Blur Naming) timePlayForwardRealtime.py timeRangeSetStartToCurrent.py, timeRangeSetEndToCurrent.py Sets the current time For other licensing options see the product page. The 'Speed Lane Factor' does nothing as far as I can tell. local backup: ns_SpiderWeb.xsicompound (drag-and-drop) usage screenshots: 1 2 author site: http://www.enoni.de / author portfolio: /wp/?page_id=40 / download: /wp/?p=676 ns_FlowerThingAuthor: Niclas Schlapmannupdated, osAll, ICE, strands, vegetation A tiny spare-time project weblink

scanning hidden autostart entries ... The sophistication of BlackBerry® mobile is justifiable with this robust and sophisticated BlackBerry® SIP Client app. Author :Adore SoftphoneFile Size :1,000KLicense :FreewarePrice : FreeOS Support : BlackBerry OS 10 or above January 13th 2013 Freeware 3,000k Update Your Web Site Today With New Programming Projects Software From Java How is your web site or blog looking? RemoveAllAnimation RenderCurrentFrame - As its name says but on selected passed and with time info.

If you have something unfinished or similar on your HD, that might be of any use to others, consider submitting it to the »resourcedump« thread on si-community. With Wyka-Warzecha you can get the AScratchNWin! ... Its simply an incidence and an ambient occlusion. DecrementTool IncrementTool - If you find hard to move something in space by a small amount of value.

Finding bounding boxes poses an interesting technical challenge which Homam describes a bit deeper in his blog article linked below. Starting today you can play it on your mobile phone! Good if you want test some values but not screw up if you forget to turn them up again before you render for example. March 1st 2006 2k Balancing Game Pole balancing game based on the physics of inverted pendulums.

Engine is written in Java. ToggleOptionalPanels - Working with the similar layouts like xsi default. Kid Key Lock 2.4 (Rajesh Sahu) Pretty good tool to lock all keyboard actions and mouse... See this video for a demonstration.

Find more information on the author download page linked below (japanese - english translation by google here). March 28th 2006 3k New Software View Free Disk Space Virtual CD RW 5KPlayer for Mac WinSleep Monitor Free Audiobook Converter for Mac Ssh Tunnel Easy Portable Version Also great for realistic camera anims. viewShow... - Shortcuts to toggle on and off the types of object visible per viewport eg.

Ensure that there aren't any opened browsers when you are carrying out the procedures below. Backups of the original files are created (named *_original) and can be restored manually or using the included uninstaller (via Windows Control Panel > Software). Curves2Tubes - Tools for creating tubes from curves more than one. I've used strand extrusions from Melena to get polygons.

From the si-community thread: This is a simple tool that uses a combination of Shrink Wrap, Relax, Gator and Weight Maps to relax a mesh without changing its shape, or at have a peek at these guys local backup: rope3yarns.emdl (drag and drop from netview) author site: http://www.matkovic.com / -community thread m|SlideRelaxBrushAuthor: Martin Yaraupdated, osAll, js, modeling A one-click solution for setting up XSI for smooth/relax weightmap painting. Fifty graphical Levels with 10 different Bonuses to help you to succeed against those pesky Birds! Running this will drop you into a pick session, asking you to choose an Annotation property whose text it will then run as Python code.

August 12th 2011 Commercial 111k SushiChop In SUSHICHOP, you control the razor-sharp knife, as you swipe your way to sushi chopping glory! from win32com.client import constants

for camera in [cam for cam in Application.ActiveSceneRoot.FindChildren2("", constants.siCameraPrimType)]:
Application.SetValue("%s.camdisp.vcdisplay" %camera, 0)

for viewport in Application.Desktop.ActiveLayout.Views.Find("View Manager").Views:
Application.SetValue("Views.View%s.UserCamera.camdisp.vcdisplay" %viewport, 0)
Application.SetValue("Views.View%s.TopCamera.camdisp.vcdisplay" %viewport, 0)
Application.SetValue("Views.View%s.FrontCamera.camdisp.vcdisplay" %viewport, 0)
Application.SetValue("Views.View%s.RightCamera.camdisp.vcdisplay" Thats the goal of this compound. check over here January 19th 2013 Shareware 104,448k A220 Mission 1 A220 Mission 1 is an arcade style game ( Java Midlet for your Mobile / Cell Phone).

I cant interact with it or anything. Action depends on selection type: Passes - explore arnold / mental ray .. Disable Viewport Vertex Color DisplayAuthor: Tim CrowsonosAll, python, workflow, snippet (From the github page) Set the 'Vertex Color' display option to 'Never Show' for all cameras and 3d viewports (lights excluded).

January 19th 2013 Freeware 3,000k Java New Ticker Downloads and So Much More at Wyka-Warzecha Have you ever thought that a Java news ticker would brighten up your website and

As an applet or as an application, this program should work on any platform that supports Java.Requirements: Win98, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Unix, Linux, OS/2, Mac OS X, Netware April 16th 2013 We divide the input by the range value and clamp it between 0 and 1, so a range of 10 and an input value of 1 would give you 0.1, or My Music Quiz 1.1 (Joshua Lozada) I really like the idea of this software. July 13th 2013 Freeware 777k If You Are Looking For Different kinds of Java Menus Types Then Look No Further Than Wyka-Warzecha Have you ever thought about how your website

Re-establish an internet connection. You can organize it with a bunch of subfolder possibilities which placed it in the common XSI scenefolder structure. PlayblastVR supports panoramic rendering output directly to YouTube 360 and Facebook 360 format movies with automatic metadata embedding, and to Google Photosphere spherical panoramas. http://wcsonline.org/general/win32-injector-asb.html February 4th 2012 Freeware Charamega Charamega is a variation of the Concentration game (also known as Memory).

Toggle more cameras by selecting them , for example check the difference on them.. Your visitors will come back soon and invite their friends and relatives to visit your site and to play the game of Jigsaw. How it works: use it just like an image node in the render tree. Deformation Bind Matrix from Object' & 'Bind Matrix to Object Use these to bind geometry or pointclouds from a static source to a deforming target.